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To find the teaching schedule for any of our faculty, please refer to theschedule of classeson the COC web site. If there is no contact information listed on this page for the faculty member you are seeking, please call (661) 259-7800 and leave a message with the operator. All faculty have campus mailboxes located in Canyons Hall, Room 105. To leave a note for your instructor, you may drop it off in person at the COC switchboard or you may send it, addressed to your instructor, to:

26455 Rockwell Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Full-Time Faculty

Mehgen Andrade
Office: Boykin Hall 307A
Phone: (661) 362-3105

Rick Howe
Office: Seco Hall 207
Phone: (661) 362-5906

Office: Mentry Hall 216
Phone: (661) 362-5368

Tammy Mahan
Office: Mentry Hall 218
Phone: (661) 362-5802

Nadia (Nadezhda) Monosov
Office: Seco Hall 305D
Phone: (661) 362-5613

Department Chair
Deanna Riveira
Office: Seco Hall 305B
Phone: (661) 362-5907

Rebecca Shepherd
Office: Seco Hall 202E
Phone: (661) 362-3534

Adjunct Faculty

Eric Berrenson

Chinweze Chinwuba

Georgia Estrada

Allison Evans

Linka Griswold

Siane Holland

Micheal Huff

Matthew Lorenzen

Timea McLean

Kimberly Monica

Catherine Parker

Chante Rogers

Kelly Spillman

Neil Walker

Shana Williams

Holli Willibey