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Good News! The new online assessment is now available to students!
Detailed information about all of the new student steps can be found on the New Student Checklist page. Please note, the new online assessment can only be taken once per student, no additional attempts will be valid or allowed.
* *注意:The Assessment office is closed for all major holidays and weekends. You can still assess at these times, but your results will not be uploaded in to our registration system until the next regular buisness days. Thank you!**
If you do not need to do all of the new student steps, and only wish to assess, you can click the button below to get started. Note that starting Jan 1st 2019, the assessment stopped being an examination, so if you have already taken the new non-exam assessment, you are not required to reassess again, as these questionnaire-type of assessments do not expire. If you took the assessment prior to Jan 1st 2019, you may wish to reassess on the new system.
Notice: Due to Covid-19, we are not offering any in-person assessments at this time, but will update this page when in-person services are restored. In the meantime, try the online assessment! If you need help you can
There are no right or wrong answers on the current assessment, but you will be asked about your academic history in both math and English and/or ESL. When you assess, you will need to know yourCOC ID number (7 digits starting with a 0), and, if easily obtainable, you'll want an unofficial copy of your most recent high school transcripts for you to reference. If you do not have access to your high school transcripts, you will still be allowed to assess. Plan to spend about 90 minutes completing both your Assessment and Advisement step, which typically take place back-to-back if accessed through the new student checklist page. The Assessment part alone typically takes about 10-15 minutes.